ID’s and Forms

Scan and Email back. All edges must show. All information must be clear and readable.

Bad Id Scan

If we cannot see all edges and read all the information we cannot approve you.

Id held to Face

Hold your ID next to your face. Do not block any information. Make sure you hold it close to your face and do not block ANY information. We must be able to read the ID.

Bad ID Held to Face

We must be able to Zoom In and read All the information on the ID held.

  • Accepted IDs are a Drivers License, Passport or Government issued picture Identity Card
  • Hold the ID on the edges so you do not block any of information in front and to the side of your face so we can read the information on the ID clearly.

Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act 2257

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W2 Declaration as an Independent Contractor

Every Performer is an Independent Contractor. All USA performers must complete and return a W2.

*USA Performers may work immediately but will not be paid until both forms have been returned to BKSTA and accepted.

Non USA performers are not required to send the W-9. All performers are independent contractors and are responsible for their own taxes in their own countries. Performers are not employees of Best Kept Secret Talent Agency,llc.

*The W9 Tax Form is required by USA Tax Law. It is a declaration that you do NOT want us to withhold taxes because you are an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR.