Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that we did not answer, please contact us

Below are BASIC RULES that apply to 100% of the sites you will represent BKSGirls on. Failure to follow broadcast rules may result in a fine or ban from our broadcast partners. Always Ask BKS ADMIN if you are not sure. No question is too small to ask us.

  1. If it is illegal to do where you live, then do not do it on camera. Exceptions: Marijuana, some sites do not care, others do. Make sure you check with BKS ADMIN and read the Broadcast site rules for specific rules. Remember! We teach our ladies to work several sites at one time. If a rule applies to one, then it applies to all the sites your broadcasting. Best Solution: ASK BKS ADMIN
  2. No one can be on camera that is not pre registered and approved to be on the broadcast site. There is no exception to this rule. Less then 5 seconds of another person walking by your camera can cost you your job and your period earnings from the broadcast site. This is a restricted and heavily regulated industry. If you want to work with a friend, just ask BKS ADMIN and we will add your friend to the broadcaster room for you.
  3. No Personal Information, Emails, Skype or Phones are to be given out to members. We have only one site that will allow you to give out this information. We do not ever recommend that you give your personal information to anyone. We teach our models to be the Fantasy and never become real to your members.
  4. Never fight or make derogatory remarks to members. You have a silence button, time out button and ban button. No need to spoil your mood and get fined. Your room, your room rules your ban button.
  5. Never discuss your money, never beg. You can lie, but you cannot deceive. For example: it is okay to say your 18 when your really 25, but it not okay to say you will perform a member request for a tip and then not do it. Example 2: No begging for your rent. However you can ask for tips and privates.
  6. No dates, No Hook ups. We only meet members at member shows and conventions.
  7. YES its okay to give your Snapchat and Twitter to members. BKS will teach you how to benefit from a good social media strategy.

REMEMBER if your not sure….. Ask BKS ADMIN


Q1. Is nudity required to be a cam model?

A1. No, but it does help! Models are only required to be honest, friendly and entertaining. Models should should always be upfront with a member before accepting an offer to go private so no misunderstandings occur. While most of the highest earners are Nude Model, there are many models that make over $1000 a shift using their personality and wit.

Q2. Can you block my home city and location from view?

A2. Yes. All of our broadcasting partners sites allow the model to block by city. state or region.

Q3. Do I have to follow a schedule?

A3. No. You are an independent model when you work with BKS. We do recommend working regular hours so members know when to look for you online.

Q4. How do I get paid?

A4. We offer payment cards from and for all models. We offer ACH Direct Deposit for USA models.

Q5. Will you report my income to the IRS?

A5. Yes. All US models are required by law to send a 1099 yearly earning report to both the model and IRS.

No reporting is done for non USA models.

Q6. How does Daily Pay Request work?

A6. All models that have completed the 90 day probationary period are permitted to request funds earned at any time. Models that put a request for payment must have the money already earned in their accounts. Request for pay will take 3- 7 days from the request date.

Q7. What is the normal pay period?

A7. Pay periods start at midnight on the 1st and 16th of every month. Payment on period one 1-15th is by the 20th. Payment on period two 16th – EOM is by 5th of the month.