Profile & Photos

Your Profile and Gallery is your Chat Room Business Card. It is your most effective sales tool to get a Private Show.

In addition to your ID picture and Document scans we will need:

  • One clear photo of your face looking directly at the camera. No glasses or hats.
  • Five clear photos visually describing your personality.
  • All pictures should be Jpg or Gif format.
  • Size is VERY IMPORTANT! We require large photos ratio 4:3 landscape larger then 640 x 480.
  • Couples/Pairs are required to send solo and couples galleries.

Couple and Pairs

  • All pairs and couples must first register and complete a solo registration first.
  • You are not required to work the solo account, however a separate file must be completed for every adult performer.


Head Shot Example 1
One picture of you looking directly at the camera is required so the site knows the proper person is broadcasting.

Head Shot Example 2 pair
Pairs and Couples have to submit a cheek2cheek Head Shot for their Couple/Pairs room.

Couples Example 1
Couples and Pairs must submit a separate set of gallery pictures.

Your Profile must be Completed in ALL languages you speak to be most effective.

  • It tells the Members who you are.
  • It tells the Members what you will do.
  • It tells the Members what you will not do.
  • It shows the Members what you look like.

Your Gallery will show the members what you like to do with pictures.

  • It expresses your personality.
  • It shows them your outfits.
  • It shows them your toys.
  • It shows members your personality and possible Themes you will Role Play in Private Chat.


Example Gallery 1
Creative Pictures sell shows

Examples of your outfits and costumes help sell shows
Examples of your outfits and costumes help sell shows

Gallery Example 5
Showing your hobbies helps to create Room Talking Topics and attracts Members with similar interests.

What we do not want

  • Logos or Signage in or other people anywhere in the picture.
  • Bad quality
  • Low resolution
  • Bad light
  • No Animals