If you have any questions, please contact us.

Below are the BASIC RULES that apply to 100% of the sites on which you will represent BKSGirls. Failure to follow the rules may result in a fine or ban from our broadcast partners. If you are not sure about anything, always ask BKS ADMIN. 

If it’s illegal where you live, then don’t do it. An exception may be marijuana. Some sites do and some do not. Make sure you check BKS ADMIN usage and read the Broadcast site rules for specific rules. Remember! We train our models to work on multiple sites. If a rule applies to one site, it applies to all sites in your stream. Best solution: ask BKS ADMIN

No one can be on a camera that has not previously been registered and approved to participate in the streaming site. There is no exception to this rule. Less than 5 seconds of another person walking through your camera could cost you your job and your live stream income. This is a highly regulated industry. If you want to work with a friend, just ask BKS ADMIN and we will add your friend to the room for you.

Staff, email, Skype or phones should not be provided to members. We only have one site that will allow you to provide this information. We never recommend that you provide your personal information to anyone. We teach our Fantasy models and never become real for your clients.

Never fight or neglect your customers’ comments. You have a silence button, a timeout button, and a ban button. Do not spoil your mood and fine. Your room, your room controls the ban button.

Never discuss your money, never ask. You can lie, but you cannot deceive. For example: it’s okay if you say your 18 when you’re really 25, but it’s not good to say that you will comply with a member’s request for a tip and then don’t. Example 2: Do not ask for a lease. However, you can ask for advice and rank.
No dates, no. We only meet with exhibitors and convention participants.

YES, it’s good to give your members Snapchat and Twitter. BKS will teach you how to capitalize on a good social media strategy.

REMEMBER if you are not sure … .. Ask BKS ADMIN

Most Discussed Issues

Age requirements?

You must be 18 years old with a legal identity or a government passport.

What equipment do you need?

You need a laptop or desktop computer, a webcam, lighting, and a good attitude!

How much can I earn?

As an independent model, you are in control of your salary. We charge a small percentage for management fees, but you control how much you work and how you work. Independent models always make more money than studio models.

Can boys or couples apply?

Yes! We allow boys and couples to work together. Age verification is required before anyone can be on camera. Contact your BKS administrator for help

Do I need to know English?

Basic knowledge of English is required. You can make good money with basic English and a funny personality.

Girls with advanced English always make more money. The default language is English to work as a chat model.

How do I get paid?

We offer several payment methods. A standard payment is made every 15 days. Models who work with our company for 2 months may request daily or weekly payments.

Can I work with friends?

All models must pass age verification before being allowed to operate the camera. Contact BKS so we can approve your friends and then you can work with them.